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New all-in-one marketing tool saves time and levels the playing field for users

PHOENIX, June 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Brainiest, today, announces the launch of its new AI marketing solution. Balancing the power of generative AI and human input, it brings transformative innovation to business owners, marketers and technologists. The platform accelerates marketing content generation by blending marketing principles with AI technology, giving users a controlled approach to AI that delivers valuable content in the competitive marketing landscape.

Brainiest is a web-based AI tool that leverages multiple AI models to create one easy-to-use dashboard with more than 45 customized small applications, so called “applets”. Brainiest engineers keep a pulse on emerging and current AI models, evaluating them for integration or updates; retiring older versions and adding new ones to maintain the highest caliber of content quality. Ongoing updates allow Brainiest to maintain its ability to be the ultimate do-everything AI marketing resource. Our model curation gives the user better output and content tailored to each customer’s business and marketing needs.

Brainiest is for marketers who are either underwhelmed or overwhelmed by the AI marketing tools on the market.Post this

Emphasizing the greatest difference between Brainiest and other tools in the crowded AI marketplace, founder and chief executive officer, Alan Steinberg said, “Brainiest is for marketers who are either underwhelmed or overwhelmed by the multitude of AI marketing tools on the market. It is meant for every circumstance and any user, helping boost productivity with higher quality content minus the ‘prompters block.’ In addition, the potential savings by replacing countless AI subscriptions with just one is another reason to try it.”

On this first release, Brainiest already has hundreds of users relying on it for complicated and everyday marketing tasks. Brainiest applets are pre-loaded with a set of questions developed by experts in marketing to eliminate ‘prompters block’. They guide users to provide the necessary information to generate high-quality, relevant results from day one. Applet categories include Brand Development, Content Creation, Marketing Strategy, Customer Insights, Audio & Visual and Promotional Tools. Within these categories users can develop brand guides, marketing and public relations strategies, social media posts, email blasts and more. The results are surprisingly tailor made to the users’ business, no matter the industry, thanks to the AI powered Marcom expert that guides users to optimal results. 

Beyond its vast functionality, simplicity and ease of use is at the forefront of the platform’s design with the goal of making it approachable for those that may be intimidated by AI. “Finally, an AI marketing platform is available for the rest of us,” said Steinberg.

Early adopter of the platform and owner of Brew Botz, a fast-growing automated coffee service kiosk, Kevin Asher likes how practical the platform is, “Brainiest frees me to be more creative and saves me time. I get actionable outputs that I use right away for lead generation, automated emails and relevant social media content. It frees me to compete for more business.”

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