Creating a Content Marketing Channel Plan: Mapping Out Your Strategy for Success

Content marketing is a type of marketing in the digital marketing field. Its main aim was to deliver unique content to attract the audience. Content marketing is the plan to provide good and quality content for a particular company’s product.  Content marketing is the essential way to build your business.  Content marketing uses the content strategy to plan new content and how to attract the audience via content. 

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What is content marketing Strategy?

This is the plan for creating quality content for a particular audience. Content marketing strategy helps to grow your business. There are four important elements used in the Content Marketing strategy. 

Specific goals one content must be the particular goal. 

Know your audience, content must be based on the Audience mindset.

Content types of marketers must know what type of content they would create.

What is contained in Content Marketing?

Setting the Goals

Setting the particular goal of creating the content and conducting marketing campaigns.  Promoting new products in specific mediums and setting time for delivering new content. 

Marketing Matrics

The marketing metrics are nothing but feedback about the product and customer satisfaction. The marketing campaigns help to collect feedback from the customers. Those data help to the understanding of the target audience. In content marketing the KPI’s Key Performance Indicators help to scale the what are the outputs of conducting the marketing campaigns. 

Content Marketing Strategy

Without a Content Marketing Strategy, there is no Content marketing.  The content marketing strategy can help to make the plan for developing the new content. The content marketing strategy would schedule the promotion of the content, and conduct the marketing campaigns.  Content strategy is an essential guide for content marketing. Most of the marketers used the content strategy for development.

Role of Content Marketing Planner


The content marketing planner is the person of takes responsibility for the content marketing. He or she is whoever can make the plan for content creation and use the strategy for attracting the audience.  Content marketing planners only decide which type of content should use, which time we use it, and what way to promote that content.  He made the strategy for conducting campaigns and promoting attractive content for the audience.

Team and Project management

The content marketing planner made a strong foundation for being successful in his company brand.  Effective project management is important to content marketing. Content marketing should manage the team and marketing projects. Marketers should have strong leadership skills and combined skills to manage both teams.

Marketers should supervise the marketing team projects for their content development. And also supervise the KPIs for making decisions on the marketing plan. 

Steps for Creating a Content Marketing Plan

There are plenty of steps involved in the content marketing plan. The content marketing strategy involves creating quality content for content marketing. Let’s look at the steps of the content marketing plan.

1. Know Your Customer

Before creating your content you must know about your audience’s mindset. You have to know what they want, what they like, and what is their opinion about the content.  Two different ways to know your customers first is buyer personas and the second is jobs to be done.  The buyer persona you should focus on the customer’s

Demographics like where they belong likes and dislikes of the particular product, and shopping habits will help to learn about your customers, key challenges, and motivations.  The jobs to be done ways help the openly interact with your customer about their favorite brand, the main aim is to know about the reason for selecting the particular brand. 

2. Set a Goal

The main step of content marketing is to set a goal. Using the content marketing strategy you must place your goal. You should modify yourself to achieve your goals. 

You have to adapt yourself to reach your aim. Before you do your work you must see the details of following instructions. Select your niche and think you are the leader of the niche. Make traffic on your website around 50% above. Reach sales growth of 30%, improve the customer holding by 20%, and acquire the new backlinks in over the year. 

3. Research the Keywords

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Keyword research is important to content marketing.  Focus on your keywords helps to attract the audience and increase traffic. Keyword research is understanding your customer’s opinions and getting impressions from the target audience. Keywords help to get the customer’s pulse for creating quality content. Good content needs keywords to get traffic. Every content should have the main keyword to give the quality of that content. Many keyword search tools are available for content research.

Spyfu, SEMrush, or Google Keyword Planner as such tools help with keyword research. On the other hand, you have to require content strategists for your research work.

4. Identify Your Content Types

There is a variety of content types for producing your content. You should choose what type of medium you want, your customer mindset, and what type of customer you target, everything is essential to choose your content type.  The blogs, videos, infographics, social media posts, and landing pages are under the awareness stage of content. Emails, ebooks, webinars,  live videos, and overviews are under the consideration content type. Case studies, proposals, feature highlights, long-term articles, and pricing pages are under the decision content type. Above those three types, you should deliver your content. 

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5. Content calendar

If you create your content, you should put the topics on the content calendar.  The content calendar helps to coordinate, plan, and give the content strategy. The calendar made the plan for what is your next content and notified the keywords, topic, title, owner of the content, content type, status of the content like writing, editing, and publishing, and schedule for the content publishing date. A content calendar helps to maintain your work and achieve the goal in a particular period. Google Sheets helps to create the content calendar, or you can use Trello, Asana, or Basecamp cool tools to make the calendar. 

6. Promote Your Content

After finishing your content promotion plays a crucial role in content marketing. Promoting your content is essential to the content strategy.  There are plenty of ways you can promote your content.  Email Marketing is used the promote your content through email, in your audience’s email and you send any offers and new updates. 

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Social Media is the best method to promote your content, many content creators use it to promote the content via social media. 

Paid advertising when have more money, you have the chance to promote your content.  Paid advertisement company, they promote your content. 

Content syndication means you can share your content on third-party websites and it helps to increase your audience. 

Public relations helps to attract your target audience and promote your content.

Social media influencers help to promote your content and increase your audience. Make partnerships with famous influencers, and they can promote the content.

Search engine optimizations help to build your content in a quality way, and get traffic to your content. 


Those are the strategies that are mostly used in companies for developing content marketing. I hope this topic will help to make a plan for content marketing. The above-mentioned pieces of information are mostly used in many content marketing companies. Many content creators and influencers are following this information to develop their content. Making better content helps to get more traffic.