Embrace and Grafana Labs Sign Go-To-Market Agreement to Bring Modern Observability Based on OpenTelemetry to Mobile Apps

Embrace and Grafana Labs will enable a cohesive workflow for SREs and DevOps to understand end-user impact and health of mobile applications.

Go-to-market agreement enables full-stack observability with unparalleled visibility into mobile user experiences to SREs, DevOps, and mobile developers.

CULVER CITY, Calif., June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Embrace announced today they have signed a go-to-market partnership agreement with Grafana Labs to bring modern mobile app observability based on OpenTelemetry to users of Grafana Labs’ products for full stack observability. Embrace, the company bringing modern observability and OpenTelemetry to mobile developers, will partner with Grafana Labs, the company behind the world’s most ubiquitous, open and composable operational dashboards, to tie frontend mobile telemetry to backend performance data. This partnership will enable a cohesive workflow for SREs and DevOps to understand end-user impact and health, while giving mobile developers the tools to prevent issues that reduce user engagement and increase churn.

“As mobile continues to dominate the way consumers transact digitally, we’ve heard loud and clear that teams building digital experiences want the connective data that lets them understand end-user experiences and as a result, business success,” said Andrew Tunall, Chief Product Officer at Embrace. “We’re thrilled to make it even easier for innovators who work with Grafana to see and act on a modern observability dataset from mobile apps to connect technical failures all the way from the cloud to a user’s device, and then to business outcomes. Our alignment around open-source and OpenTelemetry, and our mission to modernize the observability ecosystem, are a great fit with Grafana Labs, who continue to drive crucial innovation in the space.”

Mobile is the way brands connect and transact digitally to their customers today. Yet even the world’s most sophisticated engineering teams struggle to unite user-focused mobile performance data with backend observability. A common language to improve workflows and better understand how performance issues affect SLOs and user experiences is needed, and legacy observability solutions have not kept up, using antiquated measures of performance and proprietary technology that limits the possibilities of what engineering teams can do.

With the only enterprise supported and OpenTelemetry-based SDKs designed for mobile, Embrace helps SRE and mobile development teams modernize their observability stack with critical mobile signals from users. As a leader in modern real user monitoring (RUM), Embrace will collaborate with Grafana Labs to allow entire enterprise engineering teams to benefit from mobile insights and capabilities built uniquely for mobile.

“With this partnership, customers can use OpenTelemetry to bridge from user-focused insights on a mobile app, through app and infrastructure observability, and fully understand each part of the system’s impact on SLOs,” said Ash Mazhari, VP of Corporate and Business Development at Grafana Labs. “We’re incredibly excited to work with Embrace on bringing modern observability to our joint customers.”

Better together: Solving for mobile real user monitoring pains

Embrace delivers context-rich mobile data in the form of metrics and traces (and soon logs) to Grafana for full visibility into a company’s entire tech ecosystem. Benefits include:

  • Seamless integration: Engineers can forward metrics and traces from Embrace directly to Grafana Cloud, unlocking the ability to analyze and view modern mobile observability data alongside telemetry captured from backend services and infrastructure in Grafana Labs’ industry-leading OSS visualization layer and observability platform.
  • Comprehensive mobile insights: Grafana users can leverage Embrace’s tracing capabilities to gain deep, fine-grained insights into complex issues that impact mobile performance, such as networking problems. Additionally, Embrace’s robust real user monitoring (RUM) tools provide detailed context into mobile-specific user issues, such as session events, crashes, errors, ANRs (Application Not Responding), memory issues and more.
  • Proactive issue detection: Teams can shift from a reactive to proactive practice in how they interact with observability data, identifying and resolving issues in real-time, with a common language and solution, to ensure a seamless user experience and collaboration across engineering teams.

Capturing telemetry for client applications raises the bar for modern observability teams. Now any SREs and mobile development teams can gather the data and insights they need to modernize their stack with a mobile-first approach.

To learn more, visit https://embrace.io/partners/grafana-labs/.

About Embrace

Embrace provides the only user-focused mobile app observability solution based on OpenTelemetry. By delivering crucial mobile telemetry across DevOps and mobile engineering teams, Embrace illuminates real customer impact, not just server-side impact, to drive success in achieving SLOs. Embrace’s Distribution for OpenTelemetry gives teams the transparency, portability, and extensibility they want in modern observability instrumentation, while Embrace’s data backend and analysis platform is enterprise-supported for powerful mobile performance insights. By tying frontend mobile telemetry to backend performance data, Embrace helps companies modernize their observability practice and deliver the best user experiences possible.

Embrace is a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and counts Adidas Runtastic, Cameo, GOAT, Hatch, Ibotta, Marriott, The New York Times, Warby Parker, Wildlife Studios, Yahoo!, and many more as customers. Embrace is supported by NEA, AV8 (Allianz), Greycroft, YCombinator, and Eniac along with investments from the founders of PagerDuty, MoPub, Testflight, Sendbird, and Scopely. Embrace was selected by YCombinator to participate in the highly selective YC Growth program for their highest potential growth-stage companies. Embrace is based in Culver City, Palo Alto, Buenos Aires, and London.

About Grafana Labs

Grafana Labs provides an open and composable monitoring and observability stack built around Grafana, the leading open source technology for dashboards and visualization. There are more than 5,000 Grafana Labs customers, including Bloomberg, Citigroup, Dell Technologies, Salesforce, and TomTom, and more than 20M Grafana users around the world. Grafana Labs helps companies achieve their observability goals with the LGTM Stack, which features scalable metrics (Grafana Mimir), logs (Grafana Loki), and traces (Grafana Tempo) as well as extensive enterprise data source plugins, dashboard management, alerting, reporting, and security. The fully managed Grafana Cloud offering is designed to help organizations get observability up and running easier and faster, with turnkey solutions for Kubernetes and infrastructure monitoring, incident response management, load testing, application observability, and more. Grafana Labs is backed by leading investors Lightspeed Venture Partners, Lead Edge Capital, GIC, Sequoia Capital, Coatue, and J.P. Morgan. Follow Grafana Labs on LinkedIn and Twitter or visit grafana.com.

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