Everstage Featured in Gartner’s Market Guide on Sales Performance Management

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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Gartner released a Market Guide on Sales Performance Management in April 2024 for Sales Operations and Sales Compensation leaders to identify the right SPM tools that maximize sales performance and operations efficiency. Everstage, the #1 rated SPM software on Gartner Peer Insights, has been selected as one of the prominent vendors in the space.

“Everstage’s feature in the Market Guide for SPM following a 300% year-on-year growth underscores our ability to deliver on our product and customer promises consistently over the last 4 years.”Post this

The report, authored by Gartner analysts Melissa Hilbert, Sandhya Mahadevan, Roland Johnson, Simon Escobar, and Steve Rietberg, covers Everstage’s innovative approach to address enterprise needs of customers like AvePoint, Axogen, McMakler, Paychex and Trimble through its comprehensive suite of capabilities.

“I’ve been an early customer of Everstage, and have seen their journey towards building strong enterprise technology for Sales Performance Management.” says Shantanu Shekhar, Senior Director, GTM Operations, Gong. “Given their depth in providing modern and innovative solutions in this space, it comes as no surprise to me that Everstage is one of the few notable vendors mentioned in Gartner’s Market Guide.”

Redefining Enterprise Sales Performance

SPM tools promote cross-functional collaboration in implementing sales compensation plan governance which is critical for mature organizations with complex sales plans, as per the report. Everstage’s enterprise technology offers intuitive workflow automation and advanced BI-powered analytics for effective collaboration. These features provide customers with end-to-end customizable dashboarding and AI-driven atomic insights with the necessary role-based data access restrictions.

Key enhancements to Everstage’s platform include an enterprise architecture upgrade capable of handling large-scale commissions processing of over 100 million records and more than 20,000 payees per customer. Its use-case-driven GenAI assistant provides valuable insights to payees and administrators. Everstage is one of the very few vendors in the SPM space to offer AI capabilities. Additionally, Everstage provides out-of-the-box integrations for major CRM, ERP, HRIS, BI, and e-commerce platforms, ensuring seamless data management and synchronization across systems.

Everstage’s platform is also designed to make commission data readily accessible to payees. Owing to integrations with leading collaboration tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, as well as a mobile app, Everstage ensures on-demand access to critical performance and payout information for users on-the-go.

“Everstage’s feature in the Market Guide for SPM following a 300% year-on-year growth underscores our ability to deliver on our product and customer promises consistently over the last 4 years.” says Siva Rajamani, Co-founder and CEO at Everstage. “It’s refreshing to see that enterprise buyers are questioning the status quo with modern vendors like Everstage, and are now wary of investing in expensive shelfware that doesn’t drive profitable growth.”

About Everstage:

Everstage is a high-growth Enterprise-SaaS company headquartered in New York City. Started in 2020, the company has very quickly made its way up to becoming the highest-rated sales performance solution for enterprises worldwide. Everstage was founded by Siva Rajamani, previously Head of Global Revenue Operations in Freshworks, who was very close to the challenges faced by Operations and Finance teams in managing sales compensation.

After putting together a founding team of sales compensation experts, Siva built the platform with two simple missions: make lives of Operations and Finance professionals easier with products that help enhance their work, and bring certainty to the earnings of sellers. Everstage today has over 150 team members working towards these missions and translating them into profitable growth for customers.

source link: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20240528952419/en/Everstage-Featured-in-Gartners-Market-Guide-on-Sales-Performance-Management