From Super Bowl Ads to TikTok Engagement: E.I.f.’s Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy for Gen Z

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E.l.f. Beauty care products, a brand perceived for its sensibly estimated and unrivaled excellence items, has progressed fundamentally in the ferocious magnificence industry because of a brilliant multi-channel promoting plan. With Gen Z as its objective market, the organization utilizes customary and computerized media similarly to lay out a bound together and intriguing presence. This is the way E.I.f. effectively caught the consideration of this energetic, dynamic crowd.

Super Bowl Promotions:

Making a Major Splash Significant brands with the monetary means to quickly arrive at a great many individuals are known for their Super Bowl notices. E.l.f. saw that this Case Study exemplifications of E.l.f. Cosmetics’ Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

Worldwide Elf cosmetics has successfully enforced their multi-channel marketing strategy through colourful campaigns that punctuate their innovative approach to engaging Gen Z. they even ignite the impactfulness on marketing cycles. We will read about all that in this article, 

E.l.f. Beauty is going from TikTok to TV.

The beauty brand, famous for its musical TikTok ads, debuted its first-ever broadcast television commercial just before Rihanna performed at the Super Bowl halftime show. The comedic 30-second spot stars Jennifer Coolidge, fresh off her Golden Globe-winning turn in “The White Lotus,” and highlights the brand’s Power Grip Primer, which launched in 2021.

“This primer stuff sure is sticky,” Coolidge says in her breathy twang after applying a layer to her face. Soon, she finds herself in a “sticky situation,” and she is soon adhered to everything she touches — from her tube of E.l.f concealer to the shower door.

Stickiness has been a recurring theme for E.l.f. Beauty. The brand has been glued to the centre of the beauty conversation on TikTok since 2019 when it debuted on the platform with its original song and campaign #eyeslipsface. Power Grip Primer alone has 70 million views on the app. Customers won over by the campaigns have stuck around: in its third quarter ended on Dec. 31, net sales grew by 49 percent year-on-year to $146.5 million, marking 16 straight quarters of growth.

The Super Bowl commercial is a big jump for a brand that has found most of its marketing success online. It also was a big investment: Fox charged over $7 million to buy a 30-second spot during the big game, a record high rate, according to Bloomberg. And in addition to recruiting Coolidge, E.l.f also tapped “The White Lotus” creator Mike White, “Sex Lives of College Girls” writer and director Maggie Carey and Comedy Central’s Neal Brennan for what will eventually be a four-part series of ads, with more buys across networks and platforms, rolling out over the course of the month.

The shift to television shows the extent of the brand’s ambitions: E.l.f. may have won over TikTok, but it needs to reach a bigger and broader audience to take on legacy competitors like Covergirl, L’Oréal Paris and Maybelline.

“We want to get more eyeballs. We’re looking for a place where we can get mass reach,” said Kory Marchisotto, E.l.f. chief marketing officer. “The underpinning of all of this is to take E.l.f. to a bigger stage.”

Though E.l.f. has built relevance with Gen-Z and millennials on social media, something that has evaded many heritage beauty brands, TV represents an opportunity for increasing relevance elsewhere. And when it comes to building awareness, there’s no stage bigger than the big game.

“People always question the future of television, no matter what anyone says when you look at the stats, what better place [is there] to be able to capture over 100 million eyeballs?” said Gabe Miller, president of the Americas at Landor and Fitch. “You’re putting yourself in company with other mega companies.”

However, he said, running an expensive ad on such a big platform is always a risk.

“What do you remember on Monday after your [Super Bowl] hangover? You don’t want to get lost, you don’t want misattribution,” said Miller.

Plus, there’s the Rihanna of it all — her Fenty Beauty, which she sported during the performance, released a new line of lipstick and limited edition “Game Day” merchandise. The next phase of E.l.f.’s campaign, with spots across 78 networks, is designed to keep people talking no matter what the singer pulls off Sunday.

While fashion and beauty are not strangers to the Super Bowl — Olay has done ads, and fashion tech company Rakuten is putting out a “Clueless”-inspired commercial featuring a look by Christian Siriano this year — beer and cars spots are still the norm.

“We’re not actually acting like a beauty brand,” said Marchisotto. “We’re transcending the product and the category into the zone of entertaining cultural relevance … One-third of Americans watch the Super Bowl.”

E.l.f. views its Super Bowl ad as more about brand building than driving product sales; the ad features an already-popular product released in 2021. It took cues from its TikTok community, where users have nicknamed it “sticky jam” and “sticky slime.” The internet-native team is used to responding to trends on the fly, turning the Coolidge ad around in three weeks.

The timing is right from a pop culture perspective: weeks after “The White Lotus’” finale, Coolidge and White remain buzzy. For E.l.f, too, the timing is serendipitous: It’s upping its marketing spend, but still seeing return on investment grow, chief executive Tarang Amin told The Business of Beauty after its last earnings call. On Feb. 1, the brand raised its full-year 2023 outlook — projecting sales between $541 and $545 million, up from prior expectations of between $478 million and $486 million.

Then are a many notable case study exemplifications as follows. They include,

 1 #EyesLipsFace TikTok Challenge:

 Overview :

Cosmetics launched the #EyesLipsFace challenge on TikTok, aiming to produce a viral movement that would boost brand mindfulness and engagement among Gen Z campaigns.

Strategy: The overall strategy was to give impact on mindfulness on tiktok campaigns and experiments. 

Original Music: E.l.f. created a catchy original song specifically for the challenge, named” Eyes Lips Face.”

Influencer concepts: The campaign involved popular TikTok influencers who initiated the challenge by creating vids using the song and showcasing E.l.f. products.

Impact: Experiments were encouraged to produce their own videos with the song, using the hashtag #EyesLipsFace.


Massive Reach: The challenge generated over 4 billion views, making it one of the most successful brand challenges on TikTok.

High Engagement: Thousands of druggies shared, creating a vast quantum of stoner- generated content that promoted E.l.f. organically.

Increased Deals: The crusade significantly boosted E.l.f.’s product deals and cemented the brand’s presence on TikTok.

2. Super Bowl Ad Campaign 


The company made a bold move by raising a Super Bowl announcement, aiming to reach a broader followership and produce a significant buzz around their brand.

Strategy used here are as follows, 

Celebrity Countersign: The announcement featured well- known celebrities, which helped attract attention and add credibility.

Humor and Relatability: The announcement used humor and relatable scripts to engage observers and produce a memorable experience.

Social Media Integration: Post-broadcast, the crusade continued on social media platforms, encouraging observers to partake and bandy the announcement using specific hashtags.


 Wide Exposure:  The Super Bowl announcement reached millions of observers during the broadcast and continued to garner attention online. When the whole of the campaign went viral, the wide exposure also implemented good reults. 

Social Media Buzz: The integration with social media extended the crusade’s reach and kept the discussion going, adding brand visibility.

Enhanced Brand Image: The high- profile nature of the Super Bowl announcement elevated E.l.f.’s brand image and deposited it as a major player in the beauty assiduity.

3. Coachella Partnership:


Cosmetics partnered with Coachella, one of the most popular music carnivals, to produce immersive brand gests for attendees and online cult.


On- point Activation: E.l.f. set up interactive cells at Coachella, offering jubilee- goers product samples, makeovers, and AR try- on guests .

Exclusive Collections: They launched limited- edition product lines inspired by jubilee trends, available both at the event and online.

Influencer and Celebrity Collaborations: Influencers and celebrities attended the event and participated in their E.l.f. geeks on social media.

Results : 

 Enhanced Engagement: The on- point activations handled direct commerce with the brand, creating memorable gests for attendees.

Social Media Modification:  The presence of influencers and celebrities generated significant social media buzz, reaching a broader followership.

Deals Boost: The exclusive product lines and jubilee- themed elevations led to increased deals during and after the event.

4. Eco-Friendly crusade 


They also launched a crusade concentrated on sustainability to reverberate with Gen Z’s values around environmental knowledge.


Product Launch Introducing a new line of eco-friendly products with sustainable packaging.

Educational Content:  Creating content that educates consumers about the significance of sustainability and how E.l.f. is contributing.

Social Responsibility:  Partnering with environmental associations and promoting eco-friendly practices within the company.


Positive Brand Perception: The crusade strengthened E.l.f.’s image as a socially responsible brand, appealing to eco-conscious consumers.

Increased fidelity: guests who value sustainability came more pious to E.l.f., frequently participating with their positive guests on social media.

Request Isolation: This crusade helped E.l.f. stand out in the crowded beauty request by emphasizing their commitment to sustainability.

Intuitive In-Store Experiences:   

Notwithstanding their internet based tries, E.l.f. focuses on making enamoring in-store experiences. Intelligent showcases, expanded reality (AR) take a stab at stations, and online-just in-store occasions are a couple of instances of this. 

Customized Information Driven Experience:

Realizing that Gen Z is about personalization, E.l.f. utilizes information examination to redo their advertising efforts. They give altered proposals and centered advertising by looking at the way of behaving and interests of their clients. By utilizing an information driven system, E.l.f. can lay out a more unique interaction with its crowd, which supports client maintenance and steadfastness. 

Maintainability and Social Responsibility:

Gen Z is particularly mindful of natural and social issues. E.l.f. stresses savagery free, veggie lover items and harmless to the ecosystem bundling in their showcasing, coordinating supportability into their image picture. Promotions that feature these beliefs oftentimes hit areas of strength for a with the age that puts a top notch on moral utilization.

Conclusion :

ELF Cosmetics’ multi-channel marketing strategy has proven largely effective in engaging Gen Z through colourful innovative campaigns. By combining conservative advertising with digital tactics and aligning their enterprise with the values and promotions of their target followership, E.l.f. has successfully grown their brand presence and achieved significant marketing success. These case studies illustrate how a well- executed multi-channel manner can lead to substantial brand development and consumer engagement.