Hightouch launches Campaign Intelligence, adding marketer-friendly analytics to the Composable CDP

Campaign Intelligence gives marketers a user-friendly suite of AI-powered tools to drive decision-making and increase growth using the cloud data warehouse.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Hightouch today launched Campaign Intelligence, which uses AI to allow marketers to understand customer behavior and campaign performance– all on top of their company’s data warehouse. 

Campaign Intelligence allows marketers to analyze the performance across all of their channels.
Campaign Intelligence allows marketers to analyze the performance across all of their channels.

Previously, marketing teams had to either rely on data teams to access BI intelligence or dig through dashboards in their various advertising and lifecycle marketing platforms to analyze their data. With Hightouch Campaign Intelligence, marketers can self-serve to answer questions about their performance across all channels, from a single platform that cuts across their various tools.

By analyzing their source-of-truth warehouse data in the context of their Composable Customer Data Platform (CDP), marketers can make better decisions, and power more effective campaigning, audience creation, and more. Traditional CDPs for marketers lack deep analytics. Hightouch brings robust analytics inside of the Composable CDP, helping marketers power more effective campaigning every day.

Campaign Intelligence empowers non-technical users with advanced marketing science techniques, including:

  • Experimentation: Run multivariate and incrementality tests across different marketing channels and measure their results
  • Exploration: Build custom metrics, user funnels, and data drill-downs to uncover new insights about customers and campaigns
  • Campaign intelligence: Use Fivetran-powered data ingestion to compile campaign data and then analyze spend and results across channels
  • AI copilot: Use chat-based interfaces to ask questions and get data-driven answers. Receive proactive insights about your data and suggestions on optimizations to test

Campaign Intelligence is the latest example of how Hightouch makes the data warehouse more accessible for marketing teams. Teams can track customer touchpoints by collecting data with Hightouch Events, unify Customer 360 profiles in the warehouse with Identity Resolution, sync data to power 200+ marketing and advertising tools through Reverse ETL, and now–analyze the results of their efforts to optimize future campaigns.

Campaign Intelligence is onboarding new customers now. To learn more, book a demo with Hightouch’s solution engineers.

Hightouch is the leading Composable CDP that empowers companies to activate their data warehouse to power personalized marketing and business operations. Trusted by leading organizations like PetSmart, Warner Music Group, Calendly, Spotify, and GameStop, Hightouch enables anyone to deliver personalized customer experiences, optimize performance marketing, and move faster by leveraging data across their organization. To learn more, go to https://hightouch.com/.

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