P+ Insights Spotlight the Undeniable Marketing Impact of Auto Shows on Consumers and Industry Trends Nationwide

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–Aggregate Data from 10 Different Regions Representing Nearly 1M Auto Show Attendees Collected in Collaborative Research Effort–

BINGHAM FARMS, Mich., June 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A recently completed research initiative conducted by Productions Plus, which involved 14,908 auto show attendees located throughout the U.S., provides vital insights into the consumer vehicle research process and the indispensable role that in-person marketing and educational experiences, like auto shows, provide.

The data, collected from consumers at 10 different auto shows nationwide, represents 920,316 auto show attendees in regions quantifying 1.6M new retail light vehicle registrations, per Experian Automotive data. Highlights include:

9.2M Consumer Hands-on Vehicle Experiences

  • Consumers average 2.8 hours on the show floor, visit 8.6 OEM exhibits and sit in/experience 10.1 vehicles during their auto show visit. These figures equate to 2.5M hours spent on the show floor, 7.9M display visits and 9.2M vehicles experienced firsthand.
  • 74 percent of all attendees (681,034) come to learn about vehicle technologies and see the latest vehicle offerings.
  • 42 percent of all attendees (386,532) indicate they are more likely to purchase a vehicle they test drive or ride in onsite.
  • 64 percent of all attendees nationwide (589,000) are between the ages of 22-55.
  • 94 percent of all attendees (865,097) were hoping to see a brand that was not onsite.

Auto Shows Attract and Influence In-Market Consumers

  • 43 percent of all attendees (395,736) report they are in the market to purchase a vehicle within the next 12 months.
  • 76 percent of in-market attendees report a brand’s absence from an auto show impacts their purchase likelihood.
  • 37 percent of in-market attendees added a brand to their consideration list as a result of their auto show experience.
  • 69 percent of in-market attendees report the auto show was helpful in their purchase decision.

“This national study validates what the auto show community has known for some time, which is that auto shows play a crucial role in shaping future purchase decisions,” said Jennifer Morand, President of the Chicago Automobile Trade Association and General Manager of the Chicago Auto Show. “Even in today’s digital world, there is no better place to showcase the latest product in front of qualified buyers than an auto show. Moreover, as the auto industry continues to shift to EVs and other alternative fuel options, auto shows serve as vital educational platforms for widespread adoption of these new technologies.”

Morand also currently serves as Chairwoman of the Auto Shows of North America committee, leading a nationwide strategic planning project to prove the efficacy and value of auto shows to automakers.

“While this exercise with Productions Plus was a valuable one, as it was the first time in history that 10 unique auto shows collaborated on a streamlined data collection initiative, it foreshadows what’s to come regarding shows working together into the future to provide manufacturers exactly what they’ve been after for a long time,” added Morand.

As auto shows as well as manufacturers strive to educate the masses about alternative fuel options and more, research such as this is of incredible value. The research found that prior to attending an auto show, one-third of attendees admitted to knowing nothing about driving, charging, or maintaining an EV. By the end of their auto show visit, one-third of these attendees reported they had gained valuable insights into electrified vehicles.

 “We are seeing patterns all throughout the country when it comes to consumers’ expectations, behaviors and desires related to their auto show experience,” said John Sackrison, Executive Director of the Orange County Automobile Dealers Association. “This is what is truly fascinating about this survey; it’s not just one DMA that benefits from its auto show more than another. The diversity of these 10 auto shows combined with a clear pattern of responses demonstrates great strength in the auto show platform.”

The data for this research was collected during the 2023-2024 auto show season as part of the Auto Show Insights Initiative executed by the Insights division of Productions Plus. Ten auto shows participated in the initiative: Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Milwaukee, Orange County, Oregon (Portland), Philadelphia, Seattle, Utah (Salt Lake City) and Washington, D.C.

“Productions Plus has staffed auto shows around the country for over 40 years,” said Hedy Popson, CEO of Productions Plus. “We know and understand the value of connecting people and brands and experience these key interactions at every auto show. It’s evident that auto shows are the place where lower-funnel decision makers go to comfortably research their vehicle options.”  Chief Research Officer Amy Emmatty adds, “All data that we collected from attendees onsite and post-show supports this and demonstrates the incredible impact these events have on both consumers and industry trends, proving auto shows really are the most influential factor affecting new vehicle purchase decisions—surpassing digital, TV and other forms of media.”

To view more specifics on the survey findings, please click here. For questions, please contact Jen Morand or Amy Emmatty at the information provided.

About the Auto Show Insights Initiative: The Auto Show Insights Initiative is a research study organized and executed by Productions Plus, a company with a long, respected history in the auto show industry. The purpose of the initiative is to tell the story of auto shows through a consistent set of unified data encompassing shows across the country. Ten auto shows/market areas engaged in the research, which was conducted online and onsite during the 2023-2024 auto show season. A significant 14,908 show attendees participated, and the results can be found here.

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