SmartRent Unveils Alloy Deadbolt

Alloy Deadbolt

Purpose-built smart lock, designed to meet the unique needs of rental housing, first entry in proptech leader’s lineup of in-house smart locks

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SmartRent, Inc. (NYSE: SMRT) (“SmartRent” or the “Company”), a leading provider of smart communities and smart operations solutions for the rental housing industry, today announced the launch of Alloy Deadbolt, the first lock in the Company’s in-house smart lock series. Alloy Deadbolt is engineered to address the unique access challenges faced by rental housing owners and operators, and offers an innovative and affordable entry point for those looking to build a smart platform for their properties.

“Hardware is essential to powering our platform, and we are pleased to further grow our Alloy SmartHome hardware line with the addition of Alloy Deadbolt”Post this

As one of the most cost-effective options on the market, Alloy Deadbolt aims to reduce rekeying and key management expenses. Additionally, it is a desirable amenity for residents, enabling them to manage their home entries from anywhere. When deployed across multiple locations, Alloy Deadbolt could amplify operational benefits throughout a community and enhance the overall smart living and working experience.

“Hardware is essential to powering our platform, and we are pleased to further grow our Alloy SmartHome hardware line with the addition of Alloy Deadbolt,” said SmartRent CEO Lucas Haldeman. “Smart locks and access controls are foundational components to smart communities. Unlike consumer-focused products deployed in rental housing, Alloy Deadbolt was designed in-house for rental housing, based on customer feedback and our deep knowledge of industry dynamics. The lock supports operational efficiency while attracting and retaining tech-savvy renters.”

Paired with SmartHome Hub+ and Leak Sensor+, along with Smart Operations Solutions within SmartRent’s Essential Package, Alloy Deadbolt contributes to a comprehensive cost-savings platform that aims to streamline operations for rental housing owners and operators, while adding value for residents. Alongside the Alloy Deadbolt, SmartRent has introduced new, flexible monthly payment options for its comprehensive technology suite, designed to lower upfront costs and reduce the burden of large capital expenditures, making it more financially feasible for rental housing owners and operators to innovate and improve their properties.

“We believe smart is for everyone, and value the opportunity to bring smart solutions to the industry at scale at a competitive price point,” said Haldeman. “With more than 600 customers and millions of users, we remain focused on delivering groundbreaking innovation and elevating the standard of living and working for all we serve.”

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